#6: Hungry Ghosts Feed On Perfectionism

About this Manifesto

A hungry ghost is a spirit destined to never find sustenance in what it craves. Pursuing perfectionism fuels and feeds hungry ghosts.

A hungry ghost is a term from Asia that describes spirits who, due to transgressions in their past life, walk this world with endless hunger. They are often depicted in art as malnourished, ghoulish figures with distended bellies and ravenous thirst or appetite that never finds relief. It’s later been used to describe addicts, and their attachment to the thing they crave.

We all have a hungry ghost inside of us. It’s the part of us that craves or desperately seeks attention, affection, praise, recognition, and even perfection. And it’s the latter hungry ghost that we’re talking about here.

Perfection, being an illusion, is the perfect craving for a hungry ghost.

A hungry ghost being fed on perfectionism will always remain a hungry ghost: wild eyed, crazed, and misdirected from the abundance of experience, beauty, and opportunity for enjoyment.

When you are focused on perfectionism, you’re bringing along this hungry ghost. Remove the pursuit of perfection and you dissolve this specific hungry ghost (others may remain depending on what you choose to prioritize and focus on).

Want unwanted insects and vermin to leave your home alone? Remove access to food and shelter.

Want the hungry ghost of perfectionism to leave you? Remove your focus and pursuit of perfection and embrace imperfection.

Where in your life are you allowing unattainable pursuits to drain you of your potential, your gifts, and your pleasure? What cravings are devouring your focus and energy? How can you release from this torment and embrace what is available, what is real and tangible?

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Who Is Writing This?

Hey, I'm Tigre Pickett and I'm a recovering perfectionist.

I bought this domain in 2014 and sat on it for seven years before finally taking my own imperfect action and dove into sharing my experiences with perfection. How on brand!

It's my goal to provide others inspiration, guidance and support around befriending perfection by giving it other, more kind and accurate clothes and identities to wear.

I've sold myself short a lot in my life due to perfection's grip. May this website and my work provide you some glorious relief to just be with the messy, flawed, and totally lovable and worthy human you are.